Extraordinary National Park Adventures with OARS

Our national parks are more popular than ever, but here’s the thing, most visitors never go beyond the boardwalks, scenic vistas, and visitor centers. That’s why we invite you to go off the beaten path and experience the magic of some of the U.S. West’s most popular national parks with OARS, including Grand Canyon, Yosemite, Canyonlands and Dinosaur National Monument. In our 50-plus years offering guided trips in our national parks and beyond, we’ve perfected a number of incredible itineraries that take you away from the crowds and into the heart of these iconic landscapes. All you have to do is show up ready to be awed

Your national park adventure begins here…

  1. Conquer a Bucket List Grand Canyon Rafting, Dory or Hiking Trip
  2. Explore the Heart of Canyonlands by River
  3. See the Best of Yosemite on a Guided Hiking & Rafting Adventure
  4. Float through Millions of Years of History in Dinosaur National Monument
  5. More National Park Adventures & Advice

Our national parks provide transformative, life-changing experiences that everyone deserves to have. That’s why since 2015, with the help of our guests, OARS has donated more than $150,000, plus an in-kind donation of more than $125,000 in national park trips that have been used in support of National Park Foundation programs, like Open OutDoors for Kids, to help get underserved youth into parks.