“I have traveled with OARS for many years and have always been impressed with how well trained the guides are and how safety conscious the whole crew is. They have fun, but they are responsible when they need to be.”

-Li Chang ~Sacramento, CA

“Six friends and I went on the Middle Fork American River day trip, our prior experience varied from intermediate to one previous trip on the South Fork American. We all agree that our guides were beyond spectacular! We had a blast.”

“I found OARS online while researching a potential future Grand Canyon trip, and am extremely impressed by the company in comparison to others I have been with, as well as seen on the rivers, not only on the day of the trip, but starting from the informative web site and the pleasant and helpful reservation person who helped me organize the trip.”

“Your guides are on the front line with your customers and a reflection of your company, these two should definitely be valued as major assets!”

-Victoria Winters ~Dublin, CA