“I added up the number of OARS adventures I’ve been on through the years and came up with 10. It’s truly amazing that they just keep getting better and better! The customer service aspect is incredible, forget Marriott, you guys could teach the customer service course! (Marriott has long been considered the standard for customer service!) You’ve got them beat and camping no less! I can’t come up with a single thing to change! The guides truly made this trip; they went the extra mile and made the trip a ’10’ on the Richter scale! Our friends said it was the most relaxing, exciting, well organized, fun trip they’ve ever been on, being ‘unplugged’ is the best! Our other friend described it as ‘detox’ from TV, cell, fax, email etc!

If you were rated like the hotels this would have been a ‘five star’ trip. The head guide and his crew were OUTSTANDING!!!!!!!!!!!!! BRAVO!!!!

Phenomenal! All our friends are ready to do it again (and they love luxury hotels but liked this better!) Brant was incredible! What a great, fabulous, fun, encouraging, organized, best guide ever!!!”

-Carol Kurtz ~ Carmel Valley, CA

“Every day, every hour, every minute was filled with fun! Jess made the paddle boat “the place to be” with her constant stream of jokes, riddles and amazing amount of fun activities with all the boats. And Kate planned everything perfectly to keep all of us having the time of our lives! Very creative water and land activities – loved them all! Dwight and Andrew were at the ready to help any one of us with anything at any time. We think you definitely must have given us your A Team!!!! Thank you, thank you! At their suggestion, we all slept outside and now find it hard to sleep without looking up at the incredible gallery of stars every night. The scenery was spectacular, the wildlife exciting to see, and the river difficulty perfect for all our duckies! We really appreciate your arranging it so that all the kids could have a ducky and all the adults could paddle and trade off (every once in a while!) with the duckies! IT WAS GREAT!!!!! Couldn’t possibly have been more fun!!! You guys are wonderful!”

-Sistie Moffitt ~ San Anselmo, CA

“Each trip we have taken with OARS has been fantastic. We have always been impressed. The Rogue River was absolutely beautiful and a phenomenal trip. The entire family enjoyed every aspect. We look forward to going on another OARS adventure soon!”

-Justina Codde ~ Woodland, CA

“My friends and I have talked and dreamed and planned this trip for over a year. We wanted an adventure, and we wanted “bragging rights” when people asked about our trip. We have gotten that and so much more. You all have kept us safe and entertained and well fed! Your expertise and guidance allowed us to just go beyond our comfort zone and to have the thrills and the lessons that go along with that. Thank you all for the experience of a lifetime, and the desire for more.”

Linda Smith ~Winston-Salem, NC

“We loved everything! The guides were wonderful, and sooo cute. They were calm and happy, and made sure that they explained the rapids to us, so that we felt safe. I did things that normally I wouldn’t have considered doing; nerve-wracking hikes to waterfalls, and jumping into the river off boulders, and floating through the rapids. Your guides calmed my fears, and I was so glad that I pushed my own personal envelope. The food was excellent, and they were so organized. We all had great fun, and were sorry to be off the river at the end of the trip, and I’m not even a camper usually. The trip leader was awesome, and never came across as bossy. We also learned a lot about river ecology, and geology. It was nice to have a woman as one of the guides; she took the women and girls off down river for a ‘spa night’, and we actually felt clean for a short while. The avocado facials were a blast. Everything was superior to what I was expecting. We were all thrilled.”

-Dionne, Steve and Meriel Bloomfield, and Martha ~ Reno, NV

“The food was fabulous & scenery beautiful, but our guides made the trip great. They gave us the best whitewater experience we could have ever asked for! We had 9 kids varying from ages 8 to 17 on our trip. The guides gave so much energy into making sure they were having a great experience, going to sleep at night was never a problem for them. Thanks for taking us away from computers, cell phones, and the LA freeways and replacing them with a wonderful whitewater experience that none of us will ever forget.”

-Cindy Ossello ~ Valencia, CA

“The beauty of the Rogue River Valley is breathtaking! The guides knowledge and hospitality made the trip so special. They were an absolute wealth of knowledge concerning the Rogue and the environment in general. A keen eye for wildlife combined with intelligence and the ability to read individuals and provide exactly what they may desire or require is such a special gift. It was so nice to have everything taken care of for us so we could relax and enjoy our vacation. The wine presentations and gourmet meals were outstanding additions to a great adventure. I totally loved the fact that there were no kids on this Wine on the River trip!!!”

-Kristi Reif ~Hathaway Pines, CA