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A group of OARS Idaho guides poses for a photo on the Lower Salmon River.

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This was the fourth OARS trip I have taken with my daughter, who is now 17. There aren’t too many activities that a dad and daughter can do together, so these trips are deeply meaningful to me as a parent, and I think to her, too. The guides are fantastic and work their tails off. Many of them are women, so it’s a great opportunity to show your daughter (or son) that world class bad-assery comes in any gender. Send your kid to therapy, or take an OARS Main Salmon trip. Also, getting dumped out of a kayak in a raging torrent lasts only a few minutes, but it creates a memory that will last a lifetime.

Hands-down, OARS is the best outdoor guide service that I have ever experienced. While the surrounding atmosphere and scenery is breathtaking, it is not to be eclipsed by the incredible service provided by the employees at OARS. Anyone can take a raft down a river and look at nature around you, however, the guides at OARS provide you with a detailed knowledge of your surrounding environment and make the entire trip well worth the time spent with them. From start to finish this is an A+ outing that should not be missed. I have been rafting for over 25 years and have found that the service provided by the OARS staff exceeds expectations. Their in-depth knowledge, professionalism and friendliness make the adventure far beyond expectation.

Our guides were Kale, Sara, Rebekah, Rosie, Georgie and Jack. Their enthusiasm for river running as well as their knowledge of the Snake River and professionalism was top notch. Many thanks to all of them for making our trip such a memorable and fun adventure. This was my third Oars trip and we are looking forward to our next Oars trip next year. You cannot go wrong with Oars!

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