“Thanks to all of you at OARS for a spectacular and top-notch river trip! I will enjoy looking back at my pictures and remembering all the wonderful moments my 3 friends and I enjoyed. We get together every so often to go off on a trip, and the ones we have done with OARS certainly rate an A+!!”

-Patricia Kepner ~Henderson, NV

“The weather was awesome – (hot) and the river was cold – a perfect combination! My kids were thoroughly entertained by the other guests and the river guides. The food was fabulous, hikes were great and helped us work off all the gourmet food. Safety was paramount and the guides were well prepared for all mishaps – including fishing a few of us out of the river after getting thrown out of the duckies in the rapids! My kids skipped stones, fished for minnows and buried each other in the sand. Equipment was top notch too. A fabulous vacation and one we would do again with OARS…The guides did a great job of making everyone feel that their satisfaction and experience was a top priority. The costume party on the last night was a big hit as well as the ducky slide into the river on night 2…We had such a good time. We encouraged our friends to join us and even though the wife in that couple was leery of camping in the wild with “critters” she had a great time and would do another trip again. The other guests on the trip were great too – there were 7 boys ages 9-13 and they had a ball. This was a great family trip.”

-Gail Smith ~ Steamboat Springs, CO

“The guides were excellent. They provided many opportunities to try new things but always with safety oversight. My 9 year old and 12 year old boys had a great time. The guides also had lots of interesting information and stories and they were very fun! The food was excellent with good variety. The equipment was all in good shape and we liked having a variety of rafts (regular, paddle boats, duckies) to use during the trip. That really added an element of variety and interest to the trip. We enjoyed every aspect of the trip.”

-Jackie White ~Portage, MI

“The guides are the perfect combination of fun-loving, adventure seeking personalities, coupled with the utmost professionalism. Their concern for safety, their undauntable energy, and their knowledge of the flora, fauna, and geological information made the trip an unforgettable experience.”

-Dulanie Ellis-LeBarre ~Ojai, CA

“Everything was just great – the food, the guides, and the scenery could not have been better. The “duckies” were a great addition. We really appreciate that, although the group was only 10 guests, we still had four big rafts and four guides. You could have crammed us together but you didn’t. Very nice and much better than the other groups we saw on the trip.”

Steve Adams ~Prescott, AZ

“The friendliness, knowledge, and experience of the guides. The blending of the group—especially the kids—and the side hikes were wonderful. The guides also helped us to feel like we were not in any rush and could stay and enjoy the areas we went to for as long as we wanted.”

-Dea Brayden ~Denver, CO

“We most enjoyed the quality of the trip itinerary, the professionalism of the boatmen, and the organization of the daily schedule. The pace was excellent and helped the group build toward harder paddling and longer days. The meals were all excellent – fresh and well prepared. I especially enjoyed that each evening the guides would prepare us for the next day, read stories and poetry and sing. The overall atmosphere had a wonderful balance of relaxation and attention to safety/well-being of the group.”

-Susan Yeres ~San Francisco, CA

“All five of our river guides were absolutely wonderful in terms of their skills, their knowledge of the area’s history and geography, their patience and care for all of us, their humor, and the incredibly wonderful meals they fixed for us. Our entire group of 15 was delightful. The whole experience was amazing!”

Betty Gurnell ~Chapin, SC

The guides were enthusiastic, knowledgeable, hard working, interested in us as individuals, dealt well with some challenging moments. We especially enjoyed the range of ages among the guides. The Green River was beautiful, the history was interesting. Weather was perfect.

-Debbie Bradley ~La Grange, IL