Meals & Dietary Restrictions

One of the most surprising aspects of a multi-day rafting trip with OARS is often the food. Expect to eat as well—or better—than you do at home, without having to do any of the work. That means hearty and sumptuous meals, complete with fresh fruits and vegetables throughout the entire journey (even on 18-day Grand Canyon rafting trips!).

Moveable Feasts

Wake up to pancakes, omelets, or eggs cooked to order, complemented by bacon or sausage, juice, and plenty of fresh-brewed coffee, tea and cocoa.

For lunch, your guides will pull over at an ideal riverside location and lay out a generous lunch spread. Satiate your appetite with a delicious selection of cold cuts and cheese on assorted breads, hummus and veggies in soft pitas, or tasty salad wraps.

At the dinner table, our guides’ cooking skills truly shine. You may snack on hors d’oeuvres while waiting for vegetables, pasta, rice, and the main course: steak, grilled salmon, Baja tacos, sizzling fajitas, or perhaps delicious Dutch oven lasagna. And, if you can find room, there will always be something for dessert.

Dietary Restrictions

We need to know as soon as possible about any dietary restrictions we should consider in planning your trip. If you have food allergies or restrictions, we will do our best to accommodate your needs. However, there may be a supplemental menu fee ranging from $5-25 per person per day, to cover any increase in our costs.

Beyond our standard menu, we can provide options for vegetarian, vegan and many allergy-restricted diets without applying a fee. However, we cannot always provide the same diversity or sophistication for restricted diets as we do for our regular menu. Similarly, certain allergen-free snack foods are difficult or impossible to source in our locations, so feel free to bring your own favorite snacks to supplement our provisions. Please let your Adventure Consultant know if you intend to do so.

We cannot guarantee that cross-contamination from allergens will not occur during meal prep, and reserve the right to refuse service to anyone as it relates to safety, including the potential for a medical emergency caused by a severe food allergy. Also, due to the constraints of cooking for a large group in a wilderness setting, availability of ingredients or specialty items in remote locations, and limited packing space, we are unable to cater to dietary preferences (likes or dislikes).

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