“The trip leader and staff were fantastic. They were always helpful and had positive attitudes. Personally, I enjoyed tackling the rapids in the ducky! The inflatable kayak was a blast! This was my first whitewater kayaking of any type, and I went through those monster rapids. The biggest adrenaline rush I’ve ever had! My 15 year old daughter loved the whole trip, from the food to having a try at rowing the raft, to hanging out in camp. The food was great of course.”

-Phil Lomas ~ Verona, WI

“I work as a project manager for IBM Corporation. Communications and leadership is everything. These guys were not only excellent leaders they had all the major skills one needs when leading a crowd. Intelligence, communications, cohesiveness amongst the team, training and a take charge attitude. This starts with the Trip Leader and worked its way right down through the group. They were also excellent at communicating the secondary information that could easily been ignored, whether it was the information shared on a hike to see artifacts, weather changes in the canyon or pointing out interesting changes in the rock formations…The accommodations were excellent including the bedding, food, and equipment…GREAT TRIP!!!”

-Chuck Townsley ~ Round Rock, TX

“The guides, food, equipment and guests were absolutely terrific. I have to say that this is one of the top trips I have taken and I will be back.”

-Richard Antemann ~Johnstown, PA

“The knowledge, expertise, enthusiasm and personality of all our river guides enhanced the beauty of the Snake River and Hell’s Canyon. Without them, the trip would not have been nearly as enjoyable.”

-Seslee Smith ~Decatur, GA

“The guides were extremely professional and personable. They all knew their job well and shared information about the canyon and the wildlife to enhance the trip. The meals were above expectation. The activities and camp sites were well planned out by the Trip Leader.”

-Mifi Martinelli ~Gilbert, AZ

“The knowledge of the guides and their friendliness was appreciated. The excellent equipment gave me lots of security. The food was also exceptional.”

Tom Peterson ~Alfred, NY

“Logistics were very smooth; I especially liked the fast takeout at the end of the trip. The guides were extraordinarily well-qualified, way beyond anything we needed for this specific trip, giving us a good margin of safety had anything come up.”

-Tom Pringle ~Eugene, OR

“Spirit & expertise of guides was highest I have seen in the dozens of trips like this I have been on.”

John Hutchinson ~Washington Grove, MD

“It’s hard to choose what was most enjoyable about the trip since I thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of our adventure. However, if I have to choose it would be the crew that took us on an adventure that was not only beautiful but was done to see that we enjoyed ourselves to the limit. Food was really good too.”

Linda Martinelli ~Queen Creek, AZ