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A group of people paddle through a rapid in a yellow raft on an OARS Snake River through Hells Canyon trip in Idaho.
All Adult

All Adult Adventure on the Snake River through Hells Canyon – 5 Days

Join OARS for exciting Class III-IV whitewater on our adults-only trip on the Snake River through Hells Canyon




July 28, 2024 - August 1, 2024



About This Trip

Adults on the Snake River through Hells Canyon.

Our adult-only adventures are the perfect way to enjoy a stress-free vacation where you get to kick back, relax, and unwind without having to listen to other people’s children (or even your own). Spend your days running exciting rapids and enjoying riverside picnic lunches, perhaps playing a quick game of frisbee, basking in the sun on the shore, or fishing for trout.  As you head towards camp each day, you’ll get to stop and explore all the Snake River has to offer, with hikes to historic homesteads, Native American cultural sites, and maybe even to explore the darker history of Deep Creek.

At camp, enjoy excellent meals prepared by your guides–think buffalo burgers, barbequed chicken, or slow-cooked carnitas tacos–and get to know your new river comrades, enjoying your favorite beverage. You might take a nature walk or join in on a game of frisbee. Each night you’ll drift into a peaceful slumber as the river sings you to sleep, and awaken each morning ready for a hearty breakfast and another day of kid-free fun.


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