“Help, you’ve created a monster!!!!!!!! Someone at OARS told me we would become river junkies if we took an OARS trip, well I just returned from a week on the Yampa River with my boyfriend and teenage son and we are hooked. Our guides made the whole experience absolutely brilliant….they were outstanding to be on the river with, each had their own great energy and knowledge. Even my 13 year old son was eager to hike and explore and listen to the history of the canyons we hiked. And even though none of us had any prior rafting experience, our guides made such a great team when helping us negotiate the rapids in kayaks and making us feel safe. Ok, ok i could go on and on, just so you know, we are planning our next trip, requesting our favorite guides and looking forward to the “crack of dawn” coffee call. Until next time… ”

-Susan Devall, Rick Skolnik and Chase Penn ~ Los Angeles, CA

“Everything was outstanding. This was my 27th raft trip, (started in 1981 on an 18-day dory trip with Grand Canyon Dories) and this trip was as good as any of them. From pre-trip info to all the guides on this trip it was top notch all the way. I honestly can’t think of anything I would change.”

-Wayne Schwartz ~ Los Angeles, CA (Yampa Geology Trip)

“OARS is consistent in providing a professional and casual experience. The guides for each trip have been cordial, fun, and attentive to the guests’ needs. As for this trip, I enjoyed having 23 members of my family together for a great vacation…In most trips, the guests need to adapt to the guides’ attitudes and personality. In this trip, it was the guides that adapted to our group’s personality and they were fantastic at it. Yet, they were able to take control when it was crucial.”

-Greg Smith ~ El Cajon, CA

“The combination of education, excitement, true experience in the outdoors, meeting good people wrapped up in a vacation of a lifetime that left me very sad when leaving, yet excited that I knew for certain that I would be on another OARS trip in the future…The food was all around fantastic. I am still shocked at the quality of the food and the fact that much of it was cooked in a dutch oven. My 11 year old son not only ate salmon for the first time…he said he loved it. He is normally a very narrow minded eater, but tried such a wide variety of foods and it was worth it just seeing him explore different things. Also…I would love the recipe for the salmon as well as Mike’s Guacamole…PLEASE!!!!”

-Kim Corwin ~ Nashville, TN

“The entire trip was FABULOUS! The food was amazing and the guides were so friendly and knowledgeable; I learned a lot because of their enthusiasm to inform.”

-Kim Corwin ~ Nashville, TN

“The guides are fabulous. This is our fourth trip with OARS and we’ve met so many great people. Also…the food was Yummy.”

-Susan Finch ~ Nashville, TN