Craft Beer Tasting on the River

Why does beer taste so good after a day of whitewater rafting? That’s a deep question…or not.

In any case, we think you’ll agree that after an active day of adventure, sipping an ice cold microbrew on the banks of a river is about as good as it gets.

Tuolumne River Craft Beer Tasting


Featuring a nightly selection of craft-brewed lagers and ales from some of the best brewers in the West, our Craft Beer Tasting trips are the beer lovers’ alternative to our regular departures. After each day of vigorous river rafting, hang out with new friends and crack open a few beers beneath the stars while enjoying the gourmet, guide-prepared meals you’ve come to expect from every OARS adventure. Cheers to that!


Everything was exceptional –I honestly think that it could not have been any better. Enjoying an exceptional meal, with a world-class beer, with a professional crew of staff at a place only accessible by raft. I feel restricted by not being able to rate [the trip] any higher than excellent. For me, the trip was nothing short of perfection.”

~Randall McCutcheon, Palmdale, CA

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