Group rafting down a river in Fiji.

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Group rafting down a river in Fiji.

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Fiji’s Upper Navua Gorge, on the island of Viti Levu, offers 12 miles of narrow canyon slicing through black volcanic walls, with dozens of waterfalls, lush tropical vegetation, side canyons worthy of exploration, and fun Class II-III whitewater. Paddle down a river framed by 150-foot shear canyon walls that in many places are barely wider than the length of your raft. Friendly Fijian guides make rafting the Upper Navua unlike any other whitewater rafting experience OARS offers. This one-day rafting trip, as well as our Middle Navua River Kayaking adventure, is extremely accessible for active adults of all ages and families with children as young as 8 years.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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How did OARS become involved with Rivers Fiji?

In 1998, with the dedicated support of OARS president & founder, George Wendt, Rivers Fiji set up low-impact commercial whitewater rafting trips on the Upper Navua and ‘Luva Rivers in Fiji, and they worked with native landholders to establish a conservation area to preserve a segment of the Fijian highlands. In the fall of 2000, Rivers Fiji signed the final papers for a 25-year lease of the land extending 200 meters on either side of the Upper Navua River to establish the Upper Navua Conservation Area in Fiji.

Who guides the whitewater rafting trips in Fiji?

All guides are native Fijians, hired locally with a stake in the long-term sustainability of the region. To date, the indigenous community has earned more than $1,000,000 through lease payments, trip fees, guide pay, and related financial contributions. 

Why raft with OARS in Fiji?

We were the first company to set up low-impact commercial whitewater rafting trips in Fiji, and we helped create a conservation area that will save a segment of this incredible environment forever. To date, we are unaware of any other freshwater resource in the world being protected and conserved solely by the benefits of a sustainable whitewater tourism-based operation. This commitment by the mataqali (landowning clans), the Great Council of Chiefs, the Native Land Trust Board, and our company to protect and conserve this area has established one of the most unique conservation cooperatives anywhere in the world. On the Upper Navua River, partner communities—including the nine mataqalis and 2 villages—receive FJD$3 per person who rafts with Rivers Fiji for a total of $33 per paddler.

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Group rafting down a river in Fiji.

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