Employment with OARS

Combine your passion for the outdoors with an opportunity to build your professional skills and experience – apply for a job and join the OARS team! Whether you’re looking for a new career path, a summer job, or a side gig we have something for everyone.

The OARS community provides a professional, fun, and exciting atmosphere within which to work. Each year, we have a large percentage of our team, over 300+ staff, return and continue to grow and nurture the OARS mission. And each year we also have a wide range of positions available – from operations management to campground staff, and everything in between, including river guiding, driving shuttles, and office jobs, including remote work opportunities.

It takes many talented people to create once-in-a-lifetime experiences for our guests, and we can’t do it without each and every person on our awesome team!

On the many rivers OARS runs throughout the West, we create opportunities for both new and returning staff to build skills that will last a lifetime, including customer service, leadership, risk management, public speaking, and more. For those new to the outdoor industry, working at OARS is a great way to get connected and join an amazing community of passionate, diverse, and fun people. Whether on or off the river, we love sharing our passion for wild rivers and the special places we visit along the way with our whole team. As the founder of OARS, George Wendt believed, “We protect what we love and we love what we know.” If you want to be a part of the mission he started over 50 years ago, come join our team!

Why should you WANT to work for OARS: 

  • Competitive pay (see each job description for details)
  • 401(k) with company match
  • Sick pay or PTO, and health insurance perks
  • Healthy food and an active lifestyle
  • Opportunities to work at a variety of rivers throughout the West
  • Amazing staff gear package and access to pro deals
  • Discounted trips for friends and family
  • Use of OARS equipment for personal trips
  • Full time, part time, and flexible schedules available

Current Employment Opportunities



Vernal Logistics Coordinator – Vernal, UT
Deadline to apply: 3/31/23




Now hiring for the 2023 season.  Though applications may be submitted at any time, most hiring will occur between October and April.

OARS Jobs for Experienced Guides (and those with limited experience)

OARS Jobs for New Guides (If you have not worked as a guide yet but want to)

Klamath River Driver/Guide – Grants Pass, OR



Shuttle Drivers – Various locations


Staff Testimonials:


“I was initially attracted to OARS because of the level of professionalism exhibited by their guides. OARS not only lived up to my expectations but far surpassed them. I got into this work because I love rivers and being immersed in the natural world, but it is as much about the crew as it is the whitewater. It feels good to work with guides who look out for each other, both on and off the water, and I have so much respect for the people I get to share the water with.” – Kate Bollens, 1st year Guide American River

“Living so close to the OARS headquarters in Angels Camp, I had always heard great things about the company as a whole. But what drew me in as an Adventure Consultant were the people I’d get to work with, the adventures I’d get to share, and the collaborations I’d get to have with professionals from all over. I truly get to work with some of the coolest people I know, share my love for our public lands with guests, and I am always telling people how proud I am to work for OARS!” – Annie Dahlberg, 1st year Adventure Consultant (remote)

“I love my job! As a driver, I take great pride in safely transporting our clients and their gear to and from the river. I find it immensely rewarding to see the impact that their river experience has had on them and their travel companions. And I enjoy the beautiful scenery of Northern Arizona – I get to visit the Colorado River every workday. Life is good!” – Felicia Bicknell, 2nd year driver Grand Canyon

“Living on the east coast and working for outfitters out here, I had always admired OARS from afar. When the opportunity for remote work with OARS came up, I jumped on it. You never know what the internal dynamics of a company will look like and I found out quickly that it’s just as good inside as it is from the outside. OARS fosters a healthy working environment and cares about our happiness and success. I feel fully supported by my coworkers, managers, and the owners. And the perks are great! I’m proud and grateful every day to work for OARS.” -Madelyn Vidmar, 1st year Adventure Consultant (remote)

“Living and working in a place as spectacular as the Frank Church Wilderness intensifies every experience and every friendship, every single day. Once, I asked a senior guide, ‘Why does every person at OARS seem to be one of the greatest people I’ve ever met?’ They thought about it for a second, and then said, ‘Well, it’s because this environment creates the most invigorated, confident, best version of each person.’ As I thought about her response I realized that one of the reasons I loved this job so much was that it created my favorite version of myself.” – Ren Shields, 1st year Idaho Guide

“Working for OARS has been a growth oriented and enjoyable experience. I feel grateful for the opportunity to be able to work for an outdoor adventure company that has allowed me to grow while trusting my leadership and technical abilities to help manage an incredible team of professional guides. OARS has a reputation of professionalism, respect, and stewardship that aligns with my own values and ethics. While OARS is a large company it still maintains the ambiance of a family owned business that values and honors its employees. I look forward to my future and symbiotic relationship with a company of such high integrity.”- Dustin Abbott, 1st year Operations Manager Oregon

“Reflecting on my 20th year guiding for OARS; what a wonderful and life-altering journey it has been! It is possible to have an incredible career and life working in this world ‘below the canyon rim.’ You have to be diligent, determined, and creative with your physical, emotional, and financial health, but I have the best office view in the world and the most talented bunch of guides with whom to work and play.” – Steve Kenney, 20-year veteran with Moab, Vernal, Idaho, and Grand Canyon

“I love working for OARS because I truly believe in the mission that this company strives for. I think plenty of people enjoy their jobs, but do not really align with the underlying goal that the organization has in mind. Since the day I started in 2017, I come to work knowing without a shadow of a doubt that I am helping people to enjoy an experience that might truly change their lives. Being a part of that person’s journey feels good, plain and simple!” -Tim Weston, 6th year Adventure Consultant/Donation Coordinator (remote)