“What I like the most is knowing I can always rely on OARS to do a great job. The guides are excellent and the trips are always very well organized. I particularly appreciate that OARS pays careful attention to safety. For example, on this trip, I noticed that there was both a safety boat and a rescue kayak. My guide gave an excellent ‘safety talk’ before the trip, and, then, before the most challenging rapids, again emphasized key precautions. I think the North Fork American is a great trip. Even though it’s only a one-day trip, it provides a real sense of wilderness and adventure. I intend to go on the North Fork with OARS again next year.”

Diane McCarthy ~El Dorado Hills, CA


“The guides were friendly, practiced, and extremely laid back – it really makes all the difference to remember your life is in the hands of the guides and then have really caring, capable people.”

Mara Flores Naumann