“Guides (Bobby & Katie) were both enthusiastic and knowledgeable. We really appreciated their skills in communication and how they related to our group. It was awesome to be out on Yellowstone Lake and experience the geysers and lava tube up close!

Bobby was a great trip leader and had a good command of the region. He gave information to our group regarding the points of interest that we encountered on Yellowstone Lake, and somehow even managed to have the morning fog burn off for our return trip! He is a great and knowledgeable guide. Katie was a very good “people person.” She has a nice way of relating people of all ages/skill levels on the tour. She was able to provide helpful hints to those less experienced and was very pleasant to be with during the excursion. Both Bobby and Katie were great, enthusiastic, knowledgeable and courteous. Both of them made everyone feel comfortable with our kayaks/equipment, and had a good command of knowledge about the area that we would be paddling. The OARS tour really made our trip complete.

It was a great experience. We would definitely consider another trip with your company. We like that it is a family owned business and the staff/guides are well suited to their positions.”

Sherry Marshall ~ Warren, MI

“We enjoyed seeing the geyser basin from a unique perspective – the lake – instead of being limited to the usual boardwalks. The guides were knowledgeable about the geology of the area and were helpful but not overbearing.”

-Sue Redhead ~ Minneapolis, MN

“The guides were great. One of our group had never kayaked before, and the guides were very supportive, encouraging, and informative. We felt we were in good hands throughout the half-day trip, including near the end when a thunderstorm was chasing us back. It was obvious that the guides knew what they were doing and we felt safe with them. They were also very personable, upbeat, and fun.”

-Laura Dolson ~ Ben Lomond, CA

“The combination of the location and the quality of the young people who served as guides was great. Can’t say enough about either aspect of the trip. Tetons/ Yellowstone is a great destination because of the scenery. I also prefer the active/ participatory nature of a kayak/ hiking trip, and the opportunities of a kayaking trip to create private space and time. The guides … were all knowledge, helpful, and fun to share time with. I’d take exception to the adage that “A guide may not be able to make a trip, but he/she could definitely ruin one.” Without a doubt our guides made our trip the huge success it was.”

-Ken McNamee ~ Knoxville, TN