“I enjoyed the vast natural splendor of the canyon, the river, the flora and the fauna. All of it! All the OARS crew was competent, courteous, and friendly and was obviously copacetic with one another and the clients. The food was very high quality…and certainly, quantity. All the equipment was in great working order. I have been on four commercially guided floats. None better in any respect. Hope you will bother to relay my sentiments on to these fine employees of OARS. “Bronco” did an excellent job of staying on top of the entire trip. Being a trip leader is obviously a major responsibility …and he did an excellent job. Nick, particularly, did an exceptional job in all regards; he clearly has great leadership skills. He is an excellent naturalist. Also, he gave two historical presentations. Seldom have I ever heard anyone do such an exceptional job of narrating a large amount of facts (and lore) as smoothly and interestingly, as Nick did. I told him so, more than once. He showed smart skills in handling his boat, as well. All the crew did their jobs, continually, very well! Spank and John were special personalities”

M. Keene Hueftle, PhD. ~ Pocatello, ID