“A group of strangers bonded on the river for six days….The time went by too fast. Please slow it down. This trip rates with the two that I took through the Grand Canyon on the dories when Martin Litton owned them. What more can I say.”

-Philip Fradkin ~Point Reyes Station, CA

“The knowledge, expertise and professionalism of our guide made our trip perfect; it exceeded our highest hopes. The food was also exceptional. At times, it seemed as if he was practicing sorcery — we could not believe the meals that appeared before us in the wilderness.”

-Mary Sue Fisher ~Maplewood, NJ

“The entire trip was wonderful and I feel a majority of the success of the trip was due to the guides that we had; they were great. Their knowledge and guidance were extraordinary. They made everyone feel secure and comfortable. They were both fun and entertaining while doing their job with the utmost service and guidance. I felt like I was on a trip with friends I had known for quite a while. I doubt I would have felt the same way about the trip if I had had different guides. I can not say enough about both of them, I think they should be nominated (and win) for raft guide of the year!!!!!

Marie Tarpey ~ Bronx, NY

“The river guides were friendly, fun, and entertaining. Group dynamics helped to make this trip enjoyable. The hikes were great. Meals were outstanding.”

-Julie Valentino ~ Benicia, CA

“I enjoyed the group interactions, the scenery, weather and river. I hoped that the trip would enable me to relax and unwind and it certainly delivered. Most of all I appreciated the efforts that our three guides/ baggage lady put in to making the trip a great experience for everyone.”

Jacquetta Goy ~ London, England

“I enjoyed the whole experience; the guides were informative and pleasant. The weather and scenery were great. The hikes were a good break from motoring and a way to get in touch with nature. The food was good and well prepared!”

-Drew Fruhwirth ~ San Diego, CA

“Everything was great! The awesome scenery. The delicious food. The knowledgeable, friendly, accommodating, caring, dedicated, skillful, fun-loving guides. They were beyond compare My fellow passengers. Author Philip Fradkin reading from John Wesley Powell’s journals at night as the moon rose over the canyon walls. The blue sky. The echo of the thunder at night. All the stars. Learning, seeing, relaxing, gazing up at God’s magnificent creation…it was all unforgettable. It was one of the best weeks of my life. Six days wasn’t long enough! I wanted to keep going down the Colorado all the way to Mexico.”

-Mary Jane Skala ~ Chagrin Falls, OH

“I thought the landscape was breathtaking, and very well described in your brochure. From the description, I had a sense of the pace, and the type of the scenery, and I thought you captured it very well. The guides were amazing- very competent at all of their jobs- from boatmen/women to naturalist guides to cooks to entertainment leaders. I felt both safe and comfortable, and their enthusiasm for the out of doors was contagious. I am not an outdoors type person as a rule, and I felt they were very patient with us all- laid back without being uninvolved. Kudos to all of them.”

Gwendolyn Parker ~ Norwalk, CT