20 Reasons Why a Rafting Trip is the Perfect Family Vacation

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20 Reasons Why a Rafting Trip is the Perfect Family Vacation

You don’t have much time. No one does. It’s why vacations are so important. You’ve got to make every second count. But you don’t want to be in “hurry-up and relax” mode the whole time. You want something to do with your family that everyone’s going to like. And it can’t be all tourist-trappy. You need some real-deal family vacation time.

So what’s the perfect solution, you ask? A multi-day family rafting trip. Seriously.

Scenery? It doesn’t get better than a whitewater river. Fun? Throw buckets of water on your kids all day… ‘nuff said. Adventure. Relaxation. Great food (no lie, the food is a highlight). A river trip has it all.

Here’s why a family rafting trip is the ultimate getaway…
20 Reasons Why A Rafting Trip Is The Perfect Family Getaway

1) Incredible value at an all-inclusive price (no extra fees for parking, meals, or ride tickets).

2) Getting hit with waves from all sides is ridiculously fun.

3) If they don’t already, your kids will think you are the “GOAT” for booking a rafting trip (trust us, that’s a good thing).

4) There are pools between rapids for swimming, splash fights and relaxing.

5) Guides are the nicest, funniest, and according to just about any kid, hippest people on earth.

6) Food is somewhere between incredible and amazing.

7) It’s good for the spirit to spend time on moving water.

Gates of Lodore Family Rafting Trip

8) Two words you’ll never hear on a river trip: I’m bored.

9) Rapids come in all sizes; we take you to the ones that are family-size.

10) You will get at least one photo that will be a guaranteed Insta-hit.

11) The sound of rushing rapids + laughter is one your family will never forget.

12) The family that splashes together stays together.

13) You can “accidentally” dump your much-loved family members into the river.

14) Absolutely no iPods, iPads, iPhones, icomputers, or idistractions allowed.

15) If your kids gets dirty, just chuck them in the river.

Yampa River rafting family adventure

16) Tame enough for the grandparents, but exciting enough for the kids (or vice-versa, about half the time).

17) Your guides take care of everything for you; your only job is to have fun.

18) Prepping for a family rafting trip is easy, and we help by giving you all the info you need.

19) Along with the fun, there’s a lot to learn out on river trips. Families love that part.

20) There is nothing — absolutely nothing — half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats.

Ok, we stole that last one from The Wind in the Willows. But still, totally true. Family river trips are the best.

The Ultimate Family Vacation

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