The Emerald Mile: Best Adventure Book Ever?

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Clear a weekend to curl up with The Emerald Mile as soon as possible. Author Kevin Fedarko, a former senior editor for Outside Magazine and part-time river guide, has delivered us one of the best adventure books of our time. And you won’t be able to turn the pages fast enough.

The Emerald Mile: Best Adventure Book Ever?

It was June 1983 and thanks to an unprecedented winter snowpack that was charging down the Colorado River and through the Glen Canyon Dam, the Grand Canyon was inundated by the largest flood in nearly half a century. Three spirited river guides saw this as their chance to lay claim to a piece of the Grand Canyon’s storied history. What they didn’t know was the scale of events, some tragic, that were unfolding along the river in the hours before they launched their boat, and just how difficult their journey would be…if they made it at all.

The Emerald Mile is the exhilarating true story of that epic attempt to capture the speed record for the fastest boat ride through the Grand Canyon ever. It’s also a rare and fascinating glimpse into what could have been one of our nation’s biggest environmental disasters ever—the failure of the Glen Canyon Dam. Through first-hand accounts, Fedarko makes this a page-tuner by jumping back and forth in real time between what was happening as the dam’s officials tried to prevent a catastrophe, and at the same time, along the river as some people’s lives changed forever. Both gripping and fascinating, The Emerald Mile has all the elements of becoming a classic river read for generations of adventure-lovers to come.

Check out the book trailer.  It will give you chills….

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