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Colorado River slicing through layers of rock in Grand Canyon

A Thirsty West: How Did We Get Here?

Emily Nuchols 9 minutes
Navigating the Uncertain Future of the Colorado River and Grand Canyon
Colorado River through Cataract Canyon from above
A dory going through Lava Falls in Grand Canyon
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Meet Pete Lefebvre, Our Star-Loving, Guitar-Playing Moab Guide
Wisdom from River Guides

Wisdom from River Guides

Kitty Williamson 2 minutes
Powell 150 film crew in Grand Canyon
Grand Canyon helicopter rescue at Hance Rapid
Grand Canyon dory trip
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Why Fall is the Best Time for Rafting Trips
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John Wesley Powell 1871 Expedition
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Paddleboarding Pro Natali Zollinger

A River Guide Who Walks on Water…

Cari Morgan 2 minutes
Granite Falls - OARS. Grand Canyon Dory Trip
The Colorado River at a Dusty Crossroads | Photo: James Kaiser