Canyon Chorus: A Story of Friendship & Joy in Desolation Canyon

Journey down Utah’s Green River through Desolation Canyon with LGBTQ+ rights advocate and professional adventurer, Mikah Meyer, his mentor Larry, and three friends—all openly-gay men—as they explore their personal journeys and friendship in the new short film, Canyon Chorus

Filmed on an OARS-guided trip in August 2023, and produced by Wondercamp studios in collaboration with Eddie Bauer, Mikah says that Canyon Chorus is the culmination of five years he’s worked with the brand to make the great outdoors a more welcoming place for all people. 

It’s a powerful story about self-discovery, advocacy, and connection, but it’s also filled with plenty of spontaneous singalongs and light-hearted moments that can only happen when people feel like they can be 100 percent authentic. “Nature provides a place that humans can’t, and that’s a judge-free zone,” says Mikah in a Colorado Capital Public Radio interview about the film.

In this case, the river, the dramatic red rock canyons of the desert Southwest, and an all-LGBTQ+ group, gives the men—some who’ve never been on a trip like this before—the space to fully let go and be their true selves.

“These river trips with queer people are extremely special because it feels so much safer,” says Amar Bonsor in the film.  “You can be yourself. You don’t have to put up an act. You don’t have to hold back.”

Learn more about Canyon Chorus and the cast of characters.

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