“I was SO happy with your safety protocol and standards. The guide communication, safety catamaran, hand signals and rapid scouting made me feel at ease and able to enjoy the rapids knowing if trouble happened, we were covered.

James our lead guide was super thorough, fun, easy going, great naturalist/conservation-oriented and always checking in with us to make sure we were having a good time.

Such an outstanding, friendly group of guides. They learned all of our names, regularly checked in to make sure we were enjoying ourselves and were super organized. Couldn’t have asked for a better team of guides to lead our trip. By far the most efficient, friendly, knowledgeable, customer service oriented outfit I’ve ever rafted or vacationed with. The food and service were amazing, I felt well prepared to enjoy the experience and I can’t wait to book my next trip. I’ve been highly recommending to as many people who will listen about the great experience I had with OARS”

Olivia Ramos ~ Vancouver, WA

“The guides that were with our trip were amazing. They couldn’t have been better. My group is a bunch of mid-twenty year old men and they accommodated our unique style of fun to perfection. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. For a first time rafter their knowledge and flexibility allowing my group to do things out of the norm made the trip. We were able to push the envelope so to speak without going too far. My friends and I will definitely be back and will go in with the best expectations. Our recommendations have already landed three other groups to either take a trip or reserve a trip. Thank You OARS”

Joshua Altopp ~ Redlands, CA

“The Tuolumne is a wonderful river. It offers a great wilderness experience since there is limited access except by raft or kayak., and the rapids are very challenging and fun. The best thing about OARS are your guides – I have a lot of confidence in their experience and ability and that makes me feel secure about taking a trip on a river like the Tuolumne.”

Diane McCarthy ~ El Dorado Hills, CA

“Our raft guide (Billy) was the best part of the trip. He was very engaged with our group and seemed to have as much fun as the rest of us. I enjoyed all the information about the history of the river, as well as the wildlife and natural surroundings. Overall, the level of service was very high. It felt luxurious to have all meals taken care of! The food was excellent.”

Jessee Mayfield ~ Raleigh, NC

“All of the Guides were exceptional. They were a lot of fun and VERY hard working. I enjoyed everything on the trip. It was a wonderful experience and don’t think that anybody could do it better than OARS. I also appreciated how the guides all seemed to be very concerned with all the rafters’ safety.”

Stacey Norstrud ~ League City, TX

“The lead guide did a great job. I felt he was looking out for both my health and safety therefore I could relax and totally enjoy the trip. The whitewater was great and I was made to feel part of the group – even though I traveled as a single female. Just a great trip.”

Becky White ~ Winter Haven, FL

“The guides were well informed on how to relate to customers at all levels of experience. They informed us well with everything from safety precautions to having a good time. I felt safe and at ease, knowing that I was definitely in good hands. The cook and wine crew were also adventurous, which made a unique bond between the rafting and food experience. I felt free to be myself, and improve at my own pace over the course of the tour. I had a great time and am very thankful for my OARS experience.”

Holly Acosta ~ Bear Valley, CA

“Both the OARS staff and the other “guests” were great. We liked that there were enough rules to keep people safe, but plenty of freedom to really relax and have a great time. The pace of the trip was good…plenty to do, but lots of time to relax.”

Beth Pollock ~ Chicago, IL

“My wife and I just returned from a 3-day trip on the Tuolumne and wanted to tell you what a fantastic time we had. Everything really was outstanding, from the skill of the guides to the quality of the food. Our fearless leader was a standout in every way. He was funny, but clearly in control. He knew how to calm the concerns of nervous clients, while making sure that all of us got to experience all the thrills the river has to offer. He was well informed on everything riparian, from local river issues to legends and even some salty river guide jokes. The other guides were also excellent, perpetually in good humor, and took care of our every need. We particularly enjoyed the hikes to local swimming holes. Thanks very much.”

Larry Abramson ~ Washington, DC

Hands down one of the best vacation experiences I have ever had, if not the single best. My wife and I, along with 2 other couples with whom we are great friends, decided to book a 3 day trip with OARS for their Tuolumne rafting trip over the weekend of Aug 26-28, 2016. The 6 of us were in one paddle boat, and there was a family of 5 in another paddle boat, and then there were 3 equipment boats, one of which had 2 additional guests on it.The guides who accompanied us were: Mike (trip lead and our paddle boat guide), Jeff (other paddle boat guide), Jimbo (equipment guide and had the other 2 guests on it), Mark, and last but not least, Moose. These guys were the bomb.

I cannot recall any experience thus far which has hit every high mark possible in every category. The rafting was phenomenal – lots of challenging but doable rapids, lots of time for side trips and taking it easy as necessary, lots of exceptional food and drink.

From the moment we booked the trip, working with Amanda, we never had any questions or concerns that weren’t quickly and thoroughly addressed.

All six of us felt the same way – a perfect vacation! I especially want to call out the guys on the trip. More than the rafting, the scenery or anything else about the trip, their attitudes and experience were what made this trip. In every regard they stepped up and went beyond. They were engaging, and in the normal course of getting to know us, our likes/dislikes, they tailored the excursion, the meals and everything else. I can’t say enough good things. Their passion for rafting and providing a first class experience were evident and very, very much appreciated.

burn478 via TripAdvisor ~ Palatine, IL