Westwater Canyon Whitewater Rafting

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A Westwater Canyon rafting trip is best-known as an epic one-day Utah adventure, but with so much to explore along this scenic stretch of the Colorado River, we say, why rush?

Because it’s not just the adrenaline rush and Class III-IV whitewater that awaits you in the final stretch of Westwater’s narrow and dramatic granite gorge that gives this trip wow-factor. It’s the chance to slow down and hop on a stand-up paddle board or inflatable kayak and marvel at the Earth’s geologic past. It’s about seeking out interesting sites hidden within the canyon, watching epic sunsets, sharing stories, and sleeping under a blanket of stars in one of the darkest skies you’ve ever seen. The Westwater experience is about going off-the-beaten-path and making the best memories ever, even if you only have a few days.

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