Ally Klaes

Operations Manager
Where did you grow up?

Berthoud, CO

Where do you call home now?

Moab, UT

Year started at OARS?


What’s the best part of your job?

Working with amazing guides who all share a love for the river and being on the water.

Tell us about your favorite rapid, hike or camp and what makes it special.

My favorite river camp is Kolb Beach in Cataract Canyon because its just a cool place in the world – it’s centered between Big Drop 2 and Big Drop 3, the two most formidable rapids in Cat, and its easy to admire the beauty and power of the river from there.

Do you have a lucky charm or special river tradition?

My lucky charm is a small purple rock that has lived in my PFD for the past 5 years.

Fun fact, special talent or favorite guiding memory.

My favorite guiding memory is seeing high water flows in Cataract Canyon in 2019. It’s an amazing thing to see how powerful water is when there’s so much of it concentrated in one canyon.

About me…

Nothing makes me happier than being on the water, but I also enjoy running and spending time with my cat (who unfortunately does not enjoy being on the water).