Rachael Moffatt

Job Title

Professional River Guide





With OARS Since


Rachael Moffatt - guide - Meet the Team


Richmond, VA

Current Location

Salmon, ID

Offseason Gig

EMT & Sewing River Gear

About me

I am an avid starter of hobbies! Recent ones include ice hockey, jewelry making, CrossFit, fishing, and sewing. Always looking to try new things and meet new people!

The Best Part of My Job

The people! My fellow guides are like family ❤️

How I found OARS

I started as a daily guide in college in Virginia. I took a class through my school, where we spent eight days on the Lower Salmon with my favorite professors and learned about the ecology and natural history of the river. I didn’t quite ace the class, but I helped cook all the meals and rowed the boats as much as I could! As soon as I got off the trip, I started sending out applications to guide.

My Favorite Spot on the River/Outdoors

I love any beach on the Salmon River that's big enough for a volleyball game. I also love Black Creek Rapid on the Bain Salmon. It's always fun, no matter the river level.

My Favorite Trip Memory

My fondest memories are of being at camp with musicians who share their music, whether it's singing or playing instruments or both!

Favorite River Tradition

I purchased a pack of hair tinsel a couple of summers ago and love putting it in my hair and anyone who will sit still long enough for me to put it in theirs.

I Can’t Live Without

I bring my feather pillow on every trip. It makes me feel at home wherever I'm laying my head for the night.

My Fun Fact

I love any trip where people are fired up to play games!

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