Mia Clyatt

Job Title

Professional River Guide





With OARS Since


Amelia Clyatt.


Mt. Shasta, CA

Current Location

Ennis, MT

Offseason Gig

Ski Patrol

About me

I’m all about good people, good food, and good times. I like to play pretty hard on my dirtbike and mountain bike, explore new places, and mission with my friends!

The Best Part of My Job

Showing wilderness to folks who could otherwise not access it, and seeing the effects wilderness has on people.

How I found OARS

A guide friend brought me as an assistant on a Grand Canyon trip, and I fell in love with the boating world and people. The all-female baggage boat crew taught me how to row, and after the trip they bought me an ammo can because they “knew I was going to be a guide.” Turns out, they were right!

My Favorite Trip Memory

A favorite guiding memory was my first Trip Lead. It was a small trip, just one family. They were there because of their “outdoorsy” son; the rest of them had hardly camped or spent time outside. They slept side by side under the stars every night, and all day they tried and explored new experiences. I’ll never forget how happy they were and how willing to dive headfirst into the river world!

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