Matt Zeugin

Job Title

I.T. Director

With OARS Since


Matt Zeugin.


Cottage Grove, OR and Tacoma, WA

Current Location

Valley Springs, CA

Offseason Gig

I.T. Director

About me

Music, sports, comedy, ducks, and falling stars.

The Best Part of My Job

Being able to contribute as part of a great team of people that work to positively impact people's lives through amazing outdoor adventures!

How I found OARS

I became interested in computers at a very young age, and a Commodore 64 put me on track for an I.T. career!

My Favorite Spot on the River/Outdoors

To help wind down my day and clear my mind, I enjoy sitting outside under the stars, soaking up a slight cool breeze late at night when it's peaceful and quiet.

Favorite River Tradition

I have a river tradition of not being eaten by sharks.

I Can’t Live Without

When on a trip, I've got to have good quality sandals/river shoes!

My Fun Fact

I have a "special talent" of coming up with really (really) bad puns.

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