Kate Rhoswen

Job Title

Marketing Assistant



With OARS Since



Elko, NV

Current Location

Tucson, AZ

Offseason Gig

Full-Time Nerd

About me

Former actor turned river rat who loves Futurama, horror movies, tacos, and furry beasties.

The Best Part of My Job

The fact that I get to live and breathe the river every day, even if I'm not actually out on the river.

How I found OARS

I was previously working for an outfitter in Phoenix as a reservationist, and when I needed to relocate to Tucson, I couldn't take that position remote. I was devestated. But, the first thing I did was hop on the OARS website, just in case there was something I might be a good fit for that was remote. Got myself an interview. NAILED IT!

My Favorite Spot on the River/Outdoors

My heart belongs to Cataract Canyon. For me, it is quite possibly one of the most enchanting places on Earth. I know that no matter how many times I run it, I will never uncover all the magical secrets that are hidden in that canyon. And the Big Drops and Returning Rapids at high water make for an incomparable whitewater thrill.

My Favorite Trip Memory

Getting to run Grand Canyon with my dad will always be the ultimate river memory for me. He was just shy of 70 years old when we went, and seeing him playing in waterfalls, lounging in sidestreams, and taking on challenging hikes like a champ made my heart so happy. It was like he was a kid again. It will always be my favorite memory with my dad. Shut up, I’m not crying, you’re crying.

My Lucky Charm

A few years before river running was even on my radar, my dad did a private trip on the Salmon with a family friend. That year, he gave me a Salmon River amulet for my birthday. I never go on the river without it. Recently, a family member (who was a river guide back in the 80s) passed along to me her River Goddess pendant and earrings, which she wore on all her river trips; that Goddess now accompanies me on all my trips (after three decades of being off the river!).

Favorite River Tradition

Costumes! See my fun fact below, and you'll understand why.

I Can’t Live Without

A sarong and sun hoodies, baby. Sarongs are like gold out there and have about a million uses. (Seriously, don't go on the river without one.)

My Fun Fact

Before the river came into my life, I was an actor for 25 years. I dedicated my life to the stage and thrived there. Shakespeare has always been one of my specialties, and to this day, his are still my favorite works to perform. While I may find my way back to the stage at some point in the future, the river is my #1 passion now. If you happen to find yourself on a trip with me and there’s a talent show, you might just get to see both of my passions together in perfect harmony.

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