Dylan Silver

Job Title

Digital Marketing & Foundation Coordinator



With OARS Since


Dylan Silver.


Ferndale, CA

Current Location

Pioneer, CA

Offseason Gig

Hanging with family

About me

Surfing, snowboarding, diving, and being with family.

The Best Part of My Job

Getting out on the water, shooting photos, and helping out with the Foundation trips!

How I found OARS

That's a long story.

My Favorite Spot on the River/Outdoors

I love the North Fork of the Mokelumne River. The water is crazy clear, and there’s tons of beautiful swimming holes and a few secret natural water slides.

My Lucky Charm

I never go anywhere, except the airport, without my Swiss Army knife.

I Can’t Live Without

Gotta have my cameras.

My Fun Fact

I sailed across the Pacific in a friend’s 37-foot sailboat. It took 23 days, but we had an unforgettable time.

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