Cari Morgan

Job Title

Content Marketing Manager



With OARS Since


Cari Morgan.


Milwaukee, WI

Current Location

Murphys, CA

Offseason Gig

What off season?

About me

My happy place is when I'm in the water...preferably floating in a tube on a scenic Sierra lake. Swimming, stand-up paddleboarding, kayaking and rafting rank pretty high up there too. Pretty much if there's a way for me to be in or near water with family and friends, that's how I want to spend my time.

The Best Part of My Job

Inspiring people to go outdoors.

How I found OARS

I went on a Tuolumne River trip with OARS in 2009, and everything about the experience from the whitewater to the food blew me away. Afterward, I decided that working for an outdoor company like OARS would be my dream job, and I put it out to the universe. By 2011, I was doing some freelance writing for the marketing team, and in 2014, I came on board full-time. I’d say my plan worked out well.

My Favorite Spot on the River/Outdoors

Tate Creek on the Rogue River. You hike to an awesome natural waterslide, but the slide is no joke. Definitely an adventure.

My Fun Fact

Always remembering the one piece of camping gear everyone else forgot.

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