Andre Potochnik

Job Title

Professional River Guide




Grand Canyon, Arizona, Idaho

With OARS Since


Andre Potochnik.


Modesto, CA

Current Location

Flagstaff, AZ

Offseason Gig

Research & Writing, Hiking, and Skiing.

About me

I love to teach in the outdoor environment, hang with my wife and pup, and do geologic research.

The Best Part of My Job

Meeting new guests, getting to know them, and enhancing their outdoor experience in the places I love. I also like meeting the younger guides coming into the business and helping them get better at their jobs.

How I found OARS

As a ski bum in my early 20's, I met Curt Chang who introduced me to Martin Litton, dories, and Grand Canyon. The rest is history.

My Favorite Spot on the River/Outdoors

Upset Rapid is the most dramatic rapid in Grand Canyon. Nankoweap is my favorite place in the canyon. I won't tell you about my favorite place to go in my free time; you'd have to work for that.

My Lucky Charm

I have a lucky black rat that lives in my bow hatch...keeps an eye on things.

I Can’t Live Without

My spirit.

My Fun Fact

I love telling folks about how the river previously flowed the opposite direction, geologically speaking, of course.

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