Why Rafting Trips are a Perfect Romantic Getaway

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Sleeping in a tent, wearing the same sun-shirt for five days, being splashed by gallons of water and getting your hands dirty sounds like a blast – but maybe not the perfect romantic getaway. Or does it? A bit of river magic and fun might be just what you need to recharge your relationship.

Cataract Canyon dory trip | Photo: James Kaiser

Pump Up Your Adrenaline

Overcoming challenging experiences together can make you grow closer as a couple. Taking the front seat in the paddle boat, piloting your own inflatable kayak, or signing up for a steep hike are all ways to grow personally – and support each other. Plus, there’s nothing like watching your partner drop into a big rapid to make you realize how much you really do care about them.


How long has it been since you and your partner spent a day together without the company of your cell phones? Nothing dampens a romantic moment like the ding of an incoming work e-mail or a distracting television. Further, the elevated stress of work or outside relationships can be a major buzz kill. Most river canyons are service-free zones, which means no screen interruptions. 

Night sky in Yellowstone National Park | Photo: James Kaiser

Stargaze and Sightsee

From pink sunrises over sandbars to stunning starscapes, river canyons are full of breathtaking moments. Take time to step away from the group and enjoy the wonder of the natural world together. Quiet moments together appreciating a beautiful vista or flower allow you to slow down and appreciate each other as well.

Involve the Kids…

Sometimes spending time with the entire family is the best kind of romance. With games, whitewater, swimming, art and other fun, you’ll never hear, “I’m bored!” on a family rafting trip. You and your partner can channel your inner child and jump into that game of frisbee or bocce ball too.

Why rafting is a great romantic getaway

Or Escape Them!

If your idea of a relaxing, romantic vacation involves anything BUT high energy eight-year-olds, consider a gourmet wine or craft beer trip. These adult-only getaways include an emphasis on high-quality food prepared by a professional chef, adult-only beverages provided from a vintner or brewmaster and best of all–adult-only dinner table conversation. It’s better than the latest five-star restaurant and you have guaranteed reservations five nights in a row.

Let Us Do the Heavy Lifting

Ever been on a vacation that feels like more work than being at home? The constant decision making that characterizes travel in a new place can put a major strain on you and your partner. Luckily, on a whitewater boating trip you’ve got us, your guides. Letting us handle the gourmet meals, camping locations, river safety, and other logistics allows you and your partner to focus on what’s most important: your relationship and the beautiful river trip you’ve chosen.

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