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OARS Blog Contributor Emerald LaFortune | PC: Leslie Hittmeier

Emerald LaFortune is a fishing guide on Idaho’s Salmon River and an outdoor writer who’s passionate about conservation issues. You can find more of her writing at and follow her adventures on Instagram at @emeraldlensmedia.

Photo Credit: Leslie Hittmeier

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River Rowing Techniques - A Small Guide's Guide to Rowing Big Boats

Finesse, Not Muscle

Emerald LaFortune 5 minutes
Impassable Canyon, Middle Fork of the Salmon River, Idaho | Photo: Justin Bailie
How to rig a dory for whitewater

How to Rig a Dory for Whitewater

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Adventure Inspiration: 15 Instagram Accounts to Follow if You Love Rivers
6 Things Only Someone Who Has Been on a River Trip Will Understand
Guide Playlist: Songs for a river state of mind
5 Signs You Should Quit Your Job and Become a River Guide
Idaho's Best Whitewater Rapids | Granite, Hells Canyon | Photo: David Hessel

10 of Idaho’s Best Whitewater Rapids

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Your Guide to Idaho Rafting | Main Salmon River | Photo: Neil Rabinowitz

Your Guide to Idaho Rafting

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5 Morning Habits of Successful River Guides

5 Morning Habits of Successful River Guides

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Salmon River, Black Creek Rapid | Photo: Corey Robinson
Whitewater rafting on the Main Salmon River in central Idaho.

A Love Letter to Idaho’s Salmon River

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Life After Guiding: Meet Elise Otto, U.S. Forest Service River Patrol | Photo: Scott Ligare
What Female River Guides Really Think About Being Called a ‘Boatman’
Owyhee Canyonlands River Rafting

A Day in the Life of an Idaho River Guide

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Give Like a River Guide

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Free the Snake | Photo: Ben Moon / Whitney Hassett

Deadbeat Dam Alert: Free the Snake

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Reel Women Fly Fish

Reel Women Fly Fish

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