Hells Canyon Rafting on Idaho’s Snake River

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Where is the Snake River? Where is Hells Canyon? It’s the deepest gorge in North America, running through western Idaho and eastern Oregon.

A Hells Canyon rafting trip on the Snake River should definitely be on your “bucket list”! In this video, you can see some of the incredible scenery and fun we’d love to show you on a Hells Canyon trip with OARS.

Join us on the Snake River through Hells Canyon in a raft, dory or inflatable kayak. We’ll enjoy some easy side hikes, Native American sites and gourmet camping.

Hells Canyon plunges to depths of nearly 8,000 feet between the Seven Devils mountain range to the east and Oregon’s rim country to the west. Through this tremendous gorge, the Snake River’s warm, clear waters yield some of the best big waves and whitewater rapids in the U.S. Northwest.

In calmer sections, the Snake River serves up great Idaho fishing opportunities. This trip is great for everyone, from the kids to the grandparents.

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