Jackson Hole’s Best-Kept Secrets

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Jackson Wyoming’s Secret Stash (Summer Edition)

In the summer, Jackson, Wyoming is a rafting, hiking, climbing, running and biking mecca. If it involves aerobic activity, you can find it here. But popular spots can get crowded, and you didn’t come to Wyoming to get stuck in traffic, did you? We’ve compiled a list of top-secret spots just outside of Jackson that offer up the best of Wyoming without the national park crowds.

Soak in a Natural Hot Spring

Head towards Hoback Junction and check out Granite Hot Springs. Pay $6 and enjoy pools built in the 1930s, nestled in the Bridger-Teton National Forest. Extra Credit: For a free soak, check out the steaming falls a little further downstream that drain into the creek.

Granite Hot Springs, Jackson, Wyoming Photo: We're Going on Vacation

Spot Moose on the Trail

Just east of downtown Jackson, take a hike up Cache Creek Trail, a hidden gem rife with wildlife. Moose and deer frequent this low-traffic trail so keep your eyes peeled! Link this trail with Game Creek and make it a full day adventure. Extra Credit: Skate-ski it in the winter on groomed trails.

Take a Dip in an Alpine Lake

A quick hike into the Gros Ventre Range ends at Goodwin Lake. Drive through the Elk Refuge and camp for free at Curtis Canyon Campground before heading up the trail, all while enjoying breathtaking panoramas of the Tetons. Heal your aching muscles with a dip in Goodwin; more often than not you’ll have it all to yourself. Extra Credit: Continue up the trail and summit Jackson Peak for expansive views of the valley.

Munger Mountain Mountain Biking, Jackson Wyoming | Photo: Inn on the Creek

Mountain Bike Near Teton Pass

A favorite among beginner mountain bikers, Munger Mountain is a great introduction to the sport and just west of Jackson. Rent bikes from Wilson Backcountry and pedal through giant groups of aspen trees that open into Sound of Music-worthy meadows. Extra Credit: Sing “The Hills are Alive” while pedaling uphill.

Paddle Around a Natural Dam

Rent a stand up paddleboard (SUP) from Rendezvous River Sports and head out to Slide Lake. This lake was formed in 1925 after a giant landslide dammed the Gros Ventre River. Aim for the small town of Kelly and imagine 50 million cubic yards of rock sliding towards you as you examine the scar down the side of Sheep Mountain. Extra Credit: Spot the beaver lodge.

What’s your favorite thing to do in Jackson Hole, Wyoming?  Leave a comment below to share.

Photos: Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce, We’re Going on Vacation, Inn on the Creek

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Caitlin Kauffman previously guided for OARS in Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks.

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