To Pack or Not? ExOfficio Give-N-Go Underwear

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To Pack or Not? ExOfficio Give-N-Go Underwear

Gear Review: The Perfect Travel Underwear

Let’s face it, rafting can be uncomfortable. You’re made to wear a bulky, tight personal flotation device, clip on a snug helmet, and hold onto a slippery paddle. Then you’re supposed to brace yourself awkwardly in wet rubber boat while (at times) frantically paddling forward.

Thank GOD it’s so much grin-inducing, hootin’ and hollerin’ fun that you completely forget about all of this.

There are ways to be more comfortable though. ExOfficio’s Give-N-Go underwear provide an excellent addition to your boating gear. Advertised as perfect for travel, these undergarments double as a champion choice for first-time and experienced boaters alike.

No one wants to wear a bathing suit for the duration of a multi-day rafting trip. This practically guarantees you an itchy backside by the end of the trip (not a very good way to remember all the fun you had on the river). ExOfficio offers a much better alternative, trust me.

ExOfficio Give-N-Go Underwear

ExOfficio Give-N-Go underwear are well known in my circle of boat women friends and I think it’s time to share the secret. Made of 94 percent nylon and 6 percent lycra, their mesh fabric underwear are highly breathable and dry unbelievably fast—two qualities that bathing suits don’t have. These durable, odor resistant undies are so compact they take up barely any room in your dry bag.

At $18 a pair ($26 for men’s choices), they are an investment, but a worthy one that will surely last you many river trips. There’s a wide variety of styles from bikinis to full cuts for women and boxers to briefs for men. And with color choices from black or white to bright coral, there’s a full selection for a 16-day Grand Canyon rafting trip (or other lengthy adventure).

On the package it reads: 17 days, 6 countries, one pair of underwear. For us river rafting folk, these should be called 17 days, 6 rivers, one pair of underwear!

You can buy ExOfficio’s Give-N-Go underwear at their website here.

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