Galapagos Vacation: What Nobody Tells You

Young woman snorkeling with Green Sea Turtle in the Galapagos Islands, Ecuador.

Of all the elements we get to play on or in, water, for me, is the one that makes me smile the most. It just does it for me. Whether bouncing down a river, playing in the waves, or seeing an underwater world for the first time, it’s all pure fun.

This last spring, I spent over a week on a Galapagos vacation.  Before the trip, when I thought of the Galapagos, I thought of Giant Tortoises, Blue Footed Boobies, Iguanas and volcanoes.

What you don’t hear so much about is the ocean surrounding this amazing archipelago. Yes, we did walk around many of the different islands and see all the famous characters I had heard about, but almost every day we also had the opportunity to pull on a mask, snorkel and some fins and jump off the boat into a whole other world.

Awaiting us was sparkling, clear blue water with herds of fish, birds and mammals of every shape, size and color. Every time you jumped in, you never knew what awaited you below the surface. Penguins. Sea turtles. Marine Iguanas, sea lions…sharks. We got to see white tip sharks on a couple days and a few lucky guests got glimpses of Scalloped Hammerheads, which at certain times of the year, divers will come from around the world to see in large schools.

And sea lions…oh the sea lions! The first day we jumped in, it was like we had a welcoming committee of excited hosts awaiting us. Definitely the most playful animal you will encounter there. I’ve done so many fun things in my life, but swimming with sea lions for the first time is hands down one of the most memorable and extraordinary experiences I’ve ever had. I felt like there was this whole other world that was there all along and I had just found it. When you hear about things in your life that you should do before it’s all over, this is one. You come back to the boat with this look in your eyes of excitement, joy and wonder. Pure fun.

Oh yeah, you’re on a boat! Your home on this trip of a lifetime is a big beautiful, super stable catamaran which has a giant deck up top to watch the waves, whales, islands and stars. You have your own cozy room, bathroom and shower to yourself. A full Ecuadorian crew and chef to tend to all your needs. Fresh squeezed fruit juice waiting for you when you get out of the water and a cold beer in the fridge any time you want.

This trip is amazing. Ready, set…go!