The Best Adventure Travel Blogs, Period

The Best Adventure Travel Blogs, Period

There are literally thousands of travel blogs out there, but we like our reading with a slice of adventure.  So, with the little free time you might have, which sites deserve your attention?  We scoured the Web for the best adventure travel blogs out there, and threw in a few of our favorites too.  Here are nine blogs worth the read:

1) National Geographic’s Intelligent Travel

National Geographic’s Intelligent Travel blog is home to some great travel writing.  But the site’s regular contributor Andrew Evans, the Digital Nomad, who takes readers along on his big adventures to Kilamanjaro and beyond, is who we make sure to check in with frequently.

2) Adventure Journal

Speaking of National Geographic…the Adventure Journal was founded by Nat Geo Adventure’s former West Coast editor Steve Casmiro. The blog features tales of outdoor adventure, environmentalism, intriguing people and more, from a slew of the country’s top outdoor writers.

3) Shermans Travel Blog

Shermans Travel may be a travel deals website, but its blog is full of expert advice, travel inspiration and definitely a good dose of sports and adventure.  And hey, if you find a deal here and there too, that’s not a bad thing.

4) The Adventurous Traveler Blog

Our attention spans may be getting shorter, but this is a place you’ll want to stay awhile. The Adventurous Traveler Blog has the standard tips and advice reading we love to curl up and read.  But better yet, the site features stories from some of the top travel journalists out there, including one of our favorites, Don George, who has written several books and also held the title of Lonely Planet’s Global Travel Editor (you know he’s got some good stories).

5) Gadling

Ok, we couldn’t leave off the top travel blog on the planet.  Whether you’re looking to find out where to get a beer in Basra, or just want some inspiration on where to go next, Gadling will have you covered.  They give you the facts, and keep you entertained too.

6) Lonely Planet

You know you have one, if not many, Lonely Planet books lying around the house from your past travels.  Well, if the books are good, you bet their blog is too.  Chalk full of interesting travel articles, videos, photos and some of the best advice out there, Lonely Planet’s blog gives you everything you need to plan your next adventure (or, just daydream a bit). And think about all that shelf space you can save by not having the guides for every single place you want to travel.

7) Matador Network

Do you like your travel writing with a little bit of sass?  Then Matador Network is for you.  We love this site’s way with words as much as we love their one-of-a-kind travel dispatches and tips.  You won’t believe some of the articles you’ll find on here.

orca pod Alaska

8) Good Nature

From the folks at Natural Habitat Adventures, the Good Nature blog is definitely for the wildlife lovers out there.  This is where we go to get the latest natural world and conservation news from around the globe.

9) The Planet D

How would you like to leave everything behind and travel the world with a loved one for a while?  Well, for most of us that’s unrealistic, which is why we suggest you live vicariously through the Canadian couple behind the popular travel blog, The Planet D.  This adventurous couple will surely inspire your next adventure, but they might also motivate you to make a major shake-up in your own life.  You’ve been warned…

Ok, technically that was 11 adventure travel blogs worth the read.  Let’s keep this list going.  Got a favorite blog?  Share with us below.


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