6 Absurd Things You Will Only See On A Rafting Trip

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6 Absurd Things You'll Only See on a River Trip

I’ve seen a lot of things in my time.

Things that made me blink in disbelief, things that stiffened my spine in shock, and things that doubled me over, crippled by laughter.

And that’s just from the river trips.

It’s this last part that deserves our attention. If you like to laugh, you’ll find a wealth of it on the river. Consider these examples:

1) People in costume, in the middle of nowhere: River trips often feature at least one night of dress-up fun. I urge you to be the one that offers the idea. Pack some spandex. Bring a wig. Wear a leisure suit. Feather boas pack light. It will be the best absurd memory you made happen.


2) The lumberjack’s log-rolling competition, carried out on the back of an inflatable kayak, is pretty high on this list. You will never tire of watching mom best her son in this king-of-the-mountain competition, silly as it is.

3) Not everyone can pull themselves back into the raft after hopping out for a swim. Not everyone makes sure their board shorts are tight and secure around the waist before they hop in. Not everyone realizes their shorts are approaching their knees as family members haul them back in. Enough said, perhaps. Certainly absurd.

4) No one looks dashing and sophisticated when they fall asleep sitting up in a chair. It’s cute when the kids do it, hilarious when it’s dad, zonked out in his camp chair beside the fire, before twilight has even faded, and he wakes himself up with his own snoring to find the rest of the crew having a chuckle.

6 Absurd Things You'll Only See on a River Trip

5) Is there anything more silly than a splash fight, really? Whether you’re a kid or an adult, you’ll have more of these on a rafting trip than you’ve had thus far in your life.

6) Where else will you see a grown man put on a life jacket like a diaper so he can float and take in the scenery? Absurd.

And there will be more and different moments that can only be categorized as wacky.

Go forth. Seek them out.

What would a day be without them?

Have an absurd memory from a river trip? Share it with your fellow adventurers in the comments below.

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