5 Reasons You Should Go On an All-Women Trip

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There’s a lot I remember about my first women-only whitewater trip. There was the camaraderie as we teased our male shuttle bunny and an impromptu soul-soothing yoga session that did wonders for my hips after a day spent in a hard shell kayak. And when I made it down a rough section of Class III rapids without swimming, I was surprised to see that my guides were even more stoked than I was.

5 Reasons to Take a Women's Adventure Trip

There’s a reason that women adventures are becoming more and more popular. When women support each other and carve out our own spaces to lead, inhibitions that we may or may not notice in co-ed situations fade away. In my experience, I find a new level of confidence in all-women groups. I am more comfortable, which makes me surprisingly eager to push out of my comfort zone.

It’s also incredibly empowering to share time in the outdoors with people who come from a diverse range of backgrounds, yet can intimately relate to what it is like to experience the world, the outdoors, or even a few days on the river, as a woman.

Considering an all-women trip for your next adventure? Here are a few more reasons why you should definitely say yes…

1) Friendship

Women’s trips are just fun, plain and simple. Whether you want to meet new friends or connect with old ones, there’s no better place to do so than on an adventure with like-minded ladies. Guaranteed, there will be tons of laughter and a few soul-searching conversations along the way.

2) Leadership

Generally speaking—though there are always exceptions—women are socialized to defer to a man’s expertise, especially in the outdoors. When you take men out of the group dynamic, it’s amazing to see how women step up, lead and cultivate new skills they might not have realized they even had.

5 Reasons to Take a Women's Adventure Trip

3) Support

When my go-to female adventure partners succeed, it almost feels like their accomplishments are my own.  I’m stoked for them and I know they feel the same for me when the tables are turned. Some might say this is because women are more team-oriented or less ego-driven, but regardless of the reason, I know it’s true of the women I trust to have my back in the wild.

4) Safety

Speaking of ego… I find that it’s easier to explain my fears or hesitations to other women when considering risk in outdoor activities. And communication is hands down one of the most important parts of staying safe on any adventure.

Also, it’s important to recognize that because of various life experiences, some women might not feel comfortable, or even safe around men, in certain environments. Fear of sexual harassment, or other unwanted behavior, should never hold someone back from learning to love an outdoor activity, which is why women’s adventure trips fill a very important need for many ladies.

5) Inspiration

I am endlessly inspired by the accomplishments of other women and when I witness other women accomplishing great things, it inspires me to challenge myself rather than hold back.

Photos: Erik Boomer

Jill Sanford

Jill is a Truckee-Tahoe based journalist, content creator, and copywriter with roots in the Sierra Nevada, a passion for conservation, and a belief in the outdoors as a great equalizer. She writes primarily about travel and adventure, women in the outdoors, and public land policy.

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