11 Stunning Grand Canyon Rafting Photos

There’s only one way to see the Grand Canyon in all of its glory, and it’s not by standing along its rim and peering down.  Nothing against anyone who’s done that. It’s just, we prefer to see the Grand Canyon another way. I’m sure you can guess where we’re going with this. Check out these 11 stunning photos from the heart of the canyon (taken from the unique vantage point of a Grand Canyon rafting trip, of course)…

PHOTO SLIDESHOW: Go Beyond the Rim


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  • Matt Tabels

    Went to the Canyon in 06 in the off season, on a whim was able to get a back country pass to hike to the bottom. It will always be one of my fondest memories!

  • Matt Colver

    I hiked from the north rim down to Phantom Ranch then up the south rim when I was 9 years old with my father and uncle over a 4th of July weekend. I did a 13 day raft trip in 2001. It was the 1st week in October right after the madness of 9-11. You have no news from the outside world for a week then get caught up at Phantom Ranch. After floating for one week we found out the U.S. had gone to war in Afghanistan. Who would have thought we’d still be mired down in Afghanistan a dozen years later? I plan to go again in 2015 with my sister, who’s the only one in our family who hasn’t rafted the canyon. I go to the rim every few years. I’ll be on the south rim December 30th. I haven’t been to the north rim in many years. i have to make it a point to go there again too. I love the Grand Canyon.