Trade screen time for nature time & get outside this summer

When’s the last time you ditched your devices and completely unplugged for more than a few hours?

This summer, challenge yourself, your family and your friends to go #100HoursUnplugged.


Take the Challenge



Win a 4-day Cataract Canyon rafting trip in Canyonlands National Park


Last year we started a movement to inspire families to go offline and outside together with the people that mattered most in their lives for at least four days. But the reality is that every single one of us could benefit from disconnecting for a few days and spending time outdoors.

So this year, between Memorial Day and Labor Day, we’re asking everyone to join in and make the commitment to go off the grid for #100HoursUnplugged.  At the end of the summer, we’ll randomly select a challenge participant to receive an unplugged vacation with OARS for two!



How it Works


Step 1

Fill out the form below & submit your pledge by telling us how you plan to unplug this summer.

Step 2

Get outside & offline for at least 100 hours between Memorial & Labor Day and document your adventures.

Step 3

Post a photo from your unplugged
adventures to Instagram with
#100HoursUnplugged + tag

What if I'm not on Instagram?

If you’re not on Instagram, or prefer not to use any devices while you’re disconnected–it’s up to each participant to define what “unplugged” means to them–we totally respect that! Just send us an email with your first name, last name, a photo if you have one and/or a brief written description about how you went #100HoursUnplugged. Emails can be sent to 100hoursunplugged@oars.com. This will prove completion of the challenge and make you eligible to win a 4-day Cataract Canyon rafting trip for two with OARS.

Commit to #100HoursUnplugged

The 2018 challenge is now over. Congratulations to Sara Mildenstein for winning this year’s challenge!

You can read the full terms & conditions here.

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