Trade screen time for nature time & get outside this summer

When’s the last time you ditched your devices and completely unplugged for more than a few hours?

This summer, challenge yourself, your family and your friends to go #100HoursUnplugged.



Why #100HoursUnplugged?


In 2017, we started a movement to inspire our community to go offline and outside for at least four days with the people that matter most in our lives. Multiple studies have shown that disconnecting from our daily lives and spending extended time in nature can reset our brains, boost our moods and even improve our health.

So we challenge you to ditch your devices and go off the grid for at least #100HoursUnplugged every summer. No screen time. No work emails. No social media. No screen time at all. Just real experiences outdoors, and all the benefits that come with taking the time to reconnect with ourselves and our loved ones.



Siri, We’ve Got a Problem:
The Case for Going #100HoursUnplugged

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The Nature Prescription by Richard Louv
Siri, We’ve Got a Problem by Cari Morgan
Why Our Brains Need Multi-day Wilderness Adventures by Katie Klingsporn
Go Outside: Your Mental Health Depends on It by Annette Benedetti
100 Hours Unplugged: Lessons from the San Juan, 36 Years Later by Jason Sperling
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