Shane Moser

Job Title

Professional River Guide




Grand Canyon, Arizona

With OARS Since


Shane Moser.


Mutton Gulch - Genesee, ID

Current Location

Tower Creek - Carmen, ID

Offseason Gig

Finish Carpenter

About me

I’m father to Zane, born in 2011 during the exact timing of the Idaho rivers peaking. He is my center.

The Best Part of My Job

Going slow to go fast; full wilderness immersion.

How I found OARS

I went on a family trip down the wilderness section of the Main Salmon as a freshman in high school and never looked back. Eventually I met Rio Hibarger himself!

My Favorite Spot on the River/Outdoors

The Selway is where I try to be most. It is Idahome at its best.

My Lucky Charm


I Can’t Live Without

The trusty bamboo sun hoody.

My Fun Fact

Occasionally, I’m known to accompany river concerts, as percussionist, utilizing a 20-mil can or plate-pot!

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