Phil Russell

Job Title

Professional River Guide



With OARS Since


Phillip Russell.


Nacogdoches, TX

Current Location

Lewiston, ID

Offseason Gig

Myofascial Pain Specialist

About me

When there’s time off from work, I’m usually trail running or exploring a new area in the mountains. Seeing new places and challenging myself is what keeps me going. Put me outside on an adventure, and I’m happy. During the off season, I specialize in myofascial pain relief, and also teach pain relief and massage therapy classes in Texas and Idaho.

The Best Part of My Job

Teamwork and adrenaline bonding!

How I found OARS

I wanted adventures in beautiful places and to work with like-minded people. Working at OARS Idaho offers many rivers and trips, and you never know what kind of fun you’ll have!

My Favorite Spot on the River/Outdoors

Granite Rapid is my favorite! Most of the rapid is hidden until the last second, and by then you’re already committed. Hang on, and enjoy the ride!

Favorite River Tradition

River Rooster call.

I Can’t Live Without

A sturdy bucket.

My Fun Fact

Pretty awesome at camp games, and I churro like a champ.

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