Katy Stevens

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Utah Client Services



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Katy Stevens.


Angels Camp, CA

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Vallecito, CA

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#OARSlife 365

About me

OARS is my all-year-round activity! When I'm not working, I'm usually planting, reading, or parenting.

The Best Part of My Job

Being able to enthusiastically nerd out on packing lists with a guest who is equally excited.

How I found OARS

My dad was an OARS guide for over 30 years, and I spent my time off at the Angels Camp operation (where we lived for quite some time) and then eventually on a raft when I was old enough. Later, I started a family, and I realized I didn't want to leave my kids all of the time to guide professionally, but I was having river withdrawals, so I ended up 'going home' to the Angels Camp office. I grew up seeing the George Wendt philosophy, "We save what we love, and we love what we know," in action, and I believe that working at OARS helps me play a part in protecting what I love.

My Favorite Spot on the River/Outdoors

I love the Thunder River to Deer Creek hike in the Grand Canyon; every step fills me with awe and gratitude. It is a truly spiritual journey.

My Favorite Trip Memory

My favorite memory is still the first time my dad gave me the oars. He coached me through some little unnamed riffle. I can feel that sense of accomplishment and understanding every time I row a boat.

Favorite River Tradition

Getting all of the way in the river before I even get on the boats (if conditions allow).

I Can’t Live Without

Hot coffee and dark chocolate - at my desk and on the river.

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