Kate Wollney

Job Title

Oregon Operations Manager



With OARS Since



Chicago Suburbs

Current Location

Rogue River

Offseason Gig

Warding Off the Darkness

The Best Part of My Job

The fact that even though I’ve been a river guide since 1993, each trip offers a unique opportunity to connect with people and nature.

My Favorite Spot on the River/Outdoors

Tate Creek Falls natural water slide on the Rogue River is the place where I fell in love with nature when I was 14.

Favorite River Tradition

My special river tradition is to convince guests to try something new on their trip. This may be swimming a rapid for fun, jumping off a rock, or eating Jicama.

I Can’t Live Without

Half and half for my coffee.

My Fun Fact

My special talent is making perfect bacon on river trips.

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