Hillary Mosman

Job Title

Idaho Operations Manager



With OARS Since


Hillary Mosman.


Lewiston, ID

Current Location

Lewiston, ID

Offseason Gig

Mosaic Manager

About me

I love spreadsheets, systems, organizing, design, party planning, and performance.

The Best Part of My Job

I love the seasonality of the job where I get a little bit of everything. The people are great, and I get to see my hard work directly affect the world around me.

How I found OARS

I grew up down the street and lost my cat. My sisters and I went knocking on doors around the neighborhood, and one of the doors we knocked on was the OARS warehouse. Each of us worked for OARS as we turned 15, and I'm still here. (Don't worry, we found the cat sleeping in a closet.)

My Favorite Spot on the River/Outdoors

Eye of the Needle on the Lower Salmon and Blacktail Canyon - two places where the universe feels balanced.

Favorite River Tradition

Singing on the raft is my very favorite part of a river trip! Showtunes, Disney, 90s/2000 hits, Xmas songs.... It's not about the serenity for me; it's about being in the world and feeling free.

I Can’t Live Without


My Fun Fact

I have a special talent for attracting bad weather when I go on trips....

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