Fred Varnal

Job Title

California Operations Assistant





With OARS Since


Fred Varnal.


South San Francisco, CA

Current Location

Cameron Park, CA

Offseason Gig

In-your-home pet sitting

About me

A good dog is salve for my soul.

The Best Part of My Job

The persistent challenge to adapt and flow.

How I found OARS

Timing - Jess (OARS California Operations Manager) poached me from the dog rescue, just as I needed to start looking for a job.

My Favorite Spot on the River/Outdoors

Tunnel Chute, cuz it's the only time my heart beats faster than on a roller coaster.

My Lucky Charm

A rose quartz heart pendant gifted to me after my mother passed.

I Can’t Live Without

At work - music; on a trip - conversation.

My Fun Fact

Fact: I spent a summer in Kuwait as a teen. Talent: I'm a decent novice 3-ball juggler.

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