Dustin Abbott

Job Title

Oregon Operations Manager





With OARS Since


Dustin Abbott.


Reno, NV

Current Location

Grants Pass, OR

Offseason Gig

Outdoor Adventure Seeker

About me

I am happiest playing outside. I love winter rafting and look forward to high water during the off season.

The Best Part of My Job

Being a mentor and role model for new guides.

How I found OARS

I find my most authentic self while working with others in a wilderness setting.

My Favorite Spot on the River/Outdoors

My favorite rapid on the Rogue River is Blossom Bar. The view of Blossom from the scout is iconic and picturesque. The rapid itself is technical, and I never seem to have the same run every time, which keeps my on my toes. The feeling of the trip amongst the crew and the guests seems to change once we have made it through Blossom. Everyone becomes more playful, light hearted, and connected knowing we have safely passed the crux of our expedition.

My Lucky Charm

I always have my blossom shirt for running Blossom Bar rapid.

I Can’t Live Without

My one luxury item is my pillow. I find it novel and plush being able to sleep with a full-size pillow in the backcountry.

My Fun Fact

I once helped put out a forest fire in the backcountry while backpacking with a small pot.

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