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Stars and Guitars on the San Juan River – 6 Days

Join OARS guides Peter Lefebvre and Nate DeCremer as they take you on an entertaining and enriching exploration of the night sky on the San Juan River


Utah, United States


April 1, 2024 - April 6, 2024



Scheduled around the new moon when the skies are at their darkest, music lovers and astronomy enthusiasts alike will find no better way to unwind than on an OARS Stars and Guitars trip.


“There is something really magical about playing music with people you just met and finding common songs that you love.“ – Peter Lefebvre

OARS guide Peter Lefebvre

Peter Lefebvre and Nate DeCremer are both talented musicians in their own right and are rarely seen on the river without their guitars in tow. They spend their summers under the stars and would love nothing more than to take you on a magical musical tour down the San Juan River with an intimate examination of the star-filled universe.

OARS guide Nate DeCremer

About This Trip

Imagine all the fun and adventure of a San Juan River rafting trip—tranquil floating, gentle rapids, archeological wonders, incredible side hikes, stellar food, and so much more—combined with an otherworldly experience you can only get by adding live music and optimal stargazing conditions to a river trip. Perhaps you’ll find yourself dancing next to the water’s edge as your guide strums a dreamy tune on the guitar and canyon walls loom above you. Or maybe you’ll hike up a side canyon and gaze down at the winding river as a haunting melody drifts across the chasm on the wind. If you or your fellow rafters have brought along your own instruments, the jam sessions will be plentiful, and laughter will mingle with the melody.

At night, far from city lights, astronomical wonders await you as you set your sights above. Peter will show you constellations, planets, and neighboring solar systems in a way you’ve never seen before. The Milky Way will dazzle you, the mythology of the constellations will enthrall you, and the cosmos will open its arms and engulf you in a transcendent embrace. As your day comes to an end and you settle down to sleep under a twinkling canopy, you’ll stare up at the sky and see stories in the stars.


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