Dan Mateer

Job Title

Professional River Guide


Grand Canyon

With OARS Since


Dan Mateer.


Niwot, Colorado

Current Location

San Diego, California

Offseason Gig

Industrial Mechanic

About me

Movement makes me happy. No matter where I’m at or what I’m doing for a season, I’ve got to be able to use my body and play outside! I love to surf, mountain bike, hunt, and fish.

The Best Part of My Job

Getting to share an adventure with people from all walks of life.

How I found OARS

It was such an easy decision to become a guide, because helping folks get on the water brings me more joy and contentment than anything else.

My Favorite Spot on the River/Outdoors

Comb Ridge on the San Juan. It’s a treasure trove of archaeological sites if you’re willing to navigate the hot stinkin’ desert mid summer.

My Lucky Charm

A bead from Shocklee, and a small fox figurine my brother got me in France when I was 5.

I Can’t Live Without


My Fun Fact

I worked in fisheries for a number of years and have had lots of up-close and personal encounters with all the endangered fish species in the Upper Colorado River Basin.

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